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Welcome to GreyMatter Training - a customised e-learning design service.

I offer a fully customised e-learning design service, specialising in health and safety courses, which are hosted on my secure server. You will receive monthly training reports which can be uploaded to your own computerised recording system. Courses can be 'off the peg' or customised to match your own corporate identity and learning objectives. Companies offering e-learning solutions are often hosted within their own LMS and they usually make a charge every time someone completes a course and this can restrict the learning process.

There are very few people who can complete a course and remember every bit of information. We just don't learn that way. One of the most effective learning strategies is going back and reviewing the material at various intervals. So employees can complete any GreyMatter courses and go back and review it 2 weeks later then go back a third time a month later without incurring any additional cost. In fact they can complete the course as many times as they need to.

No LMS, no problem

Of course if you don't have your own LMS you'll still want to have records of any training. This won't be a problem either. As I host the courses myself your employees will fill in a confirmation of completion form with any details you require. They will then receive a confirmation by email. A full list of completions for every course will be sent to you in spreadsheet format every month. If you choose to have customised courses you can request amendments to be made to keep them up to date. There is course an initial charge for customisation.
Manual handling course screenshot
And what about cost?
An obvious question you're wanting to ask is how much will it all cost? I can't answer that until I know what your requirements are so please complete the form on the contact page and I'll get in touch. After getting an overview of what you want then we can arrange a meeting to find out what will work best for you. All I can say for now is that I offer a personal service that you'll find surprisingly cost effective.

I have always considered training to be an investment and not an expense. It should help you reach your business objectives and solve real problems, something standard off the shelf packages rarely achieve.

I can also provide generic health and safety courses that are hosted on this website.  With most companies you pay for each time time you use the course which can make e-learning either very expensive or limited to just staff use. With these there is no development cost just and annual fee. For example courses used by a university would be available for both staff and students.
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